Destination: Roses, Girona, Spain

When we visited: August 

For how long: 3 nights

Getting to Roses:
  • Flight: We flew Vueling Airlines to get from Ibiza to Barcelona but you can check out Skyscanner and Cheapflights to see what options you have.
  • Time of arrival at Barcelona El Prat: 0935 Hrs
  • Getting to the Roses from Barcelona: We rented a car from Europcar at the airport, which we had prebooked a month prior. It cost us €270 approximately for 3.5 days with unlimited mileage included. This turned out to be quite a hassle-free mode of transport to Roses and road trip we had planned from there. You could also check out Autoeurope for car rentals in case you don’t find what you’re looking for at Europcar.
  • Route:  It took us about 2. 45 hours to get to our hotel in Roses. We had Google maps but even if we didn’t, it would be hard to get lost. The Roads were well-marked and the highway was well-maintained. There was quite a bit of traffic in the initial 30 minutes of our drive though, post that all was smooth sailing (err..driving).
  • Arrival in Roses: 1500 Hrs (since we took a slight detour on the way to get our friend from the Costa Brave airport).

Stay in Roses:

Av. de Rhode, 185, 17480 Roses, Girona, Spain

    • Cost: €356 (approximately) in total for 3 nights with a lavish breakfast included.
    • Review: Hotel Risech is a 2-star hotel right by the coastline of Roses. We booked a room with a sea view which was on the 5th floor of the hotel, giving us a luxurious 180-degree view of Av. de Rhode. The room was perfectly cozy and super clean.
    • Book your stay at Hotel Risech, Roses here.
  • Proximity: We had to literally step outside the hotel to find oodles of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Located right in the crux of a very touristy center, Hotel Risech was perfectly connected to everywhere we needed to go. 1 minute (walking) from the beach, 2 minutes (walking) from tons of boutiques and eateries, 20 minutes (by car) away from Empuriava, 30 minutes (by car) from the adorable town of Cadaqués, 45 minutes (by car) from Cap De Creus and there was even a Spar supermarket 2 minutes from the hotel (on foot). There was a pay-and-park (€16 for 24 hours) bang opposite the hotel, which made it super convenient for us to rest our rental.

Click right here to check out the video of our time in Roses.

Day 1

We checked our bags in and rushed across the street with our beach towels. It was not a white-sand beach that glistened nor was the water a crystalline blue but it had its own charm to it- bustling with life and colour- reflecting emotions of pure joy.

After a couple hours of beaching around, we headed back to our room to get dressed for dinner. Sunset was at 2100 Hrs, so at 1900 Hrs we had the chance to witness the most remarkable sunset of our lives. Awed by the stunning view our room offered us that we spent an hour gazing dreamily off our balcony into the magnificent horizon that was painted gold by the sun’s rays.

We strolled around the streets near our hotel with some slushies and some chilled cerveza, then ended our night at a cute Italian restaurant (there are tonnes of cuisines available around Av. de Rhode, in fact, it seemed like there was a restaurant every 5 meters) just 10 minutes (on foot) from Hotel Risech.

Day 2

We had booked our skydiving experience with Skydive Empuriabrava while planning our vacation in Spain. We paid €265 for a bronze package (without a video) and €373 for a Gold package (which gave me a video and a range of photos)- you can avail of a discount if you pay the whole amount while booking online.

Our slot was for 1100 Hrs- so we got there 15 minutes prior and filled in the necessary paperwork, post which we received a buzzer. We were told to be around the vicinity since the buzzer can sound anytime (it could take 5 minutes or take an hour). Luckily for us, it buzzed just 5 minutes later and off we went to jump out of a flying aircraft.

It’s preferable to wear full-length pants (or knee-length shorts) along with a half/full-sleeved T-shirt (no sleeveless) since the harness can get painfully uncomfortable otherwise.

Our tandem dive instructors were seriously the most awesome people we met in Spain. Their confidence was so reassuring, it was comforting. They briefed us while helping us into the harness and securing it, which would help us stay attached to them during our dive. Since I had opted for the Gold package with a video and photos- there was a personal photographer just for me (that sounds like a dream job right? taking photos while flying!).

On the plane, there were 2 more tandem divers apart from us and one solo diver (goals, am I right?!). As we escalated a couple kilometers above ground the aircraft door opened- bringing with it a loud gush of excitement and adrenaline. I was terrified. Also excited but super terrified. As we went higher and the landscape below got smaller- I questioned my sanity- “Why would anyone want to jump out of a flying aircraft? Why??”.

I am now going to answer that question:

When we reached a height of 4 kilometers above ground, we went towards the door. The second my foot reached the edge of the plane it felt like my heart stopped beating. After 2 seconds of what felt like pure agony, we jumped. At first, I don’t think my senses fathomed what was happening.

I was scared witless, until the moment that I wasn’t.

7 seconds into jumping, my heart sounded a different kind of pound. It felt like it had never been this alive before. The horizon before me, with the glistening ocean and a jigsaw-like landscape below- at that moment I was flying. I felt a rush like never before but also a sense of calm- the feeling like nothing can touch me. The desire to just let go of everything- I was liberated.

Photo credits: Skydive Empuriabrava.
Photo credits: Skydive Empuriabrava.

After about 50-60 seconds the parachute opened and up we went catapulting back towards the sky. Then came a new serenity. Life unlocked a new level of panorama- it was like I was living an overwhelmingly enthralling dream.

When we touch land again, my body shivered and tears rolled out (as cliche as it may sound- it’s true); I had just shared a moment where the whole universe was with me and discovered a new emotion.

We waited for about an hour for my video and our certificates. That hour was spent in silence, sort of like the silence of a victory, which for my vertigo driven life it really was.

There wasn’t much done later that day since the adrenaline drop had us slightly tired but mostly because we just wanted to keep reliving the minutes that we were flying in our minds. We shopped a little, ate a hearty meal and went to bed quite early- it was the sweetest slumber ever.

Day 3

After a remarkable day before, we were excited about our mini road trip to Cap De Creus- a natural park located in Cadaques.

A route that would take 40-50 minutes took us 1.5 hours owing to the traffic we found enroute. It’s a gorgeous drive through lush green hilly terrain- so we weren’t complaining about being stuck behind a few cars.

The first views we got of Cadaqués looked right out of a postcard.

Stunning village of Cadaqués.

And the closer we got, the better it got.

The very idyllic Cadaqués, Catalonia.

Cadaques is a Catalonian town often referred to as a “sleepy fishing village”. With cobbled streets and thatched roof homes- it was such an adorable sight to see. We decided to stop on our way back from Cap de Creus and made our way forth.

A complete contrast to the landscape that we witnessed on the way to Cadaqués, Cap De Creus was dry land with almost no greenery. What makes it worth being called a natural park though are the cracks between the terrain, which allow crystal clear waters to flow in, forming the most bewitching coves.

We got a map from the kind people who sat at the reception box and set afoot to witness nature at its finest.

There was a cement road that led us to the “swimmable” area but the rest were so delightful to view. You know those wallpapers that come with laptops- this was a live version of that. It really was a work of natural art- pristine beauty that needed to be preserved.

Picturesque moments at Cap de Creus.
Cap de Creus, Catalonia, Spain.

Ps: Can you spot 2 dot-like people atop the giant rock in the image above? If yes, then let me tell you that they were about to cliff jump. And so were we.

We finally reached a cove that we could lay our towels out at and revel in the shimmery Mediterranean waters.

Beach vibes at Cap de Creus.

Water so pure- it sparkles bright.

Just before I cliff-jumped jumped.

Ps: You can take a visual tour of Roses with us if you click right here.

On our way back to the car park at Cap de Creus we decided to go off track and walk in the wilderness (plus we were told that we would discover a hidden shortcut).

Catalonian wilderness at Cap de Creus.

After a quick halt at Cadaqués for a late lunch/early dinner- we headed back towards Hotel Risech, thanking our stars for this weekend in Roses.

We chose to spend a relaxing weekend in Roses without stuffing too many sights and spots into our itinerary since we had just spent a hectic few days in Formentera- but just 3 days here had us wishing for so many more.

Ps: The skydiving photos and videos have been taken by and at Skydive Empuriabrava. The rest by have been taken by my beau and me at different locations 🙂

If words bore you, you could check out the video of our time in Roses here.

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