Jagged rocks, pops of green, an azure framework of the briny ocean, and gorgeous lighthouses- Formentera has something for explorers of all ages.

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The smallest of the Balearic Islands in Spain, we chose to spend a few days in Formentera because we had heard that sea around is the clearest of the Mediterranean waters. We were not disappointed. Crystal palettes of aquamarine and cerulean blue painted the most gorgeous backdrops for our explorations. We chose our stay in Formentera close to Es Calo, which made sure the town of Sant Francesc was just 20 minutes away on our scooter. Landscape much like a desert, sprinkled with Cacti and dunes, Formentera greeted us with extremely hot temperates of around 40 degrees Celsius throughout our stay there. It was hotter than usual, so warm in fact that the waters were at a temperature cozy enough to bring in cute little jellyfish (which do sting by the way).  The waters visibility ranging between 20 meters and 50 meters made for some of the most magical diving moments.

The beaches in Formentera were crowded since we chose to visit in the month of August, which is the best season to visit for wet-suit diving and for basking in the glory of the perfect tropical vacation. When we up for some adventure though, it was never hard to hike to secluded spots and soak in some of the most peacefully divine sights.

Our stay on the island was action packed but soulful. 5 days are not enough to truly scout the wonders hidden in every nook and corner of this remarkable atoll.

Click here to view the details of our itinerary in Formentera.




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